Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not a Happy Day

Just found out this morning that a friend lost her husband yesterday after a valiant, 6 month struggle with pancreatitis - Mark was only 49! So, so young.

I got introduced to Jane through an on-line cross stitch group we both belong to and then I met her in person when I went to her home in Squamish for a stitching day. It was a Saturday near the end of a business trip and what a wonderful, re-energizing sort of day. Don't remember a lot of stitching being done, but I do remember a lot of laughter and I got to meet her family and one of her friends. And now she's alone to finish raising their two sons who are about 10 and 12. She has two older children as well who are  in their late teens/early 20s I believe. Jane is a strong woman, but you can only handle so much. My heart aches for her.

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tiffstitch said...

That is so sad, and yes, he was far too young.