Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday 16 September 2015

Well, my time has mostly spent doing this

but I did manage a couple of very short stitching sessions and got this done.

I'm sure you can tell exactly what it's going to be.

On Sunday I took part in the Paws For A Cause walk for the SPCA and as I was headed for Mariner's Park I past this local keeping an eye on passers by.

And I've had to spend some time snuggling one of my boys who is very confused about what is happening to his home.

And that's been my week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday 9 September 2015

Except it's not. No stitching at all this week. I think my blog will be very quiet for the next few weeks.

The good news - I have a place to move to! The bad news - I have to move! LOL And I only have 3 weeks to do it in, so stitching goes way down the priority list for the time being.

I'm really pleased with my new apartment. It's an adults only building, 2 storey with only 12 units in the whole building. It's tucked down a hill, so I won't hear much if any of the road traffic.

I have more space which is wonderful. The living room is larger, with a small balcony/deck off it. I have a proper dining area so my table and chairs won't be taking up a corner of the living room and the kitchen has more counter space and more cupboards. There are 3 bedrooms, all a good size and I've already designated one to be my craft room. It will be nice to have my stuff all in one spot and maybe, just maybe, I can actually organize it. It has a pretty good amount of storage space as well which is an added bonus.

Of course, there has to be one downer and that is rent - it's double what I pay now, but I knew that would take a jump. Means watching the pennies closer, but who doesn't have to do that?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WIP Wednesday 2 September 2015

I've been busy with Santa. Last week I left him here

and this week, TA DA, I have a finish - a fully finished finish at that.

Now I'll get back to working on the wedding sampler which I left here.

And I also need to work on my September Christmas ornie for the SAL. This month's theme is Christmas Tree/Presents.