Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Little Progress

Not a lot of crafting time as I've been running around getting my neglected business stuff caught up. But my various needles haven't been totally idle.

Dragon 8 of The 12 Dragonlets of 2012 (Dragon Dreams) is done (this is a better shot of the fabric colour than #9)

and I made some nice progress on Dragon 9.

A little progress with my knitting as well. I'm starting outfits for doll #3. The dress

which is knit but not sewn yet - I'm waiting for the other parts of the outfit. I'm really liking how the picot edge of this dress turned out, but what a pain to knit! And the panties.

Then there is a pair of white and green booties and a green hooded cape.

And Snowy insists on being his usual helpful self! Apparently sleeping ON me is better than sleeping BESIDE me.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Catchig Up

It's been a while, but health issues seem to be resolved, energy levels are up and I think I'm back to normal. So, hopefully, this will be the start of much more regular posting.

So, I've finished outfit #3 for doll #2

and the blanket.

I have been working on my 12 Dragonlets, although I am a little behind for my Christmas Ornie SAL.

Number 6

and number 7

and number 8, done up to the back stitching.

Here's the whole set so far.

The other thing that has gotten some time is the Great Blue Heron. He's gone from here

to here.

I was planning to leave the one over one stitching until the end, but once I got the head finished, I couldn't stand the empty hole where the eye should be. So I filled it in and I'm much more comfortable. Silly mind!