Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Wednesday Of Wasn't(s)

I should be starting this off showing my progress on the Wedding Sampler, but there weren't any stitches added this week. Well, that's not the complete truth - I think I got in 5 - but definitely not worth an update.

I blame part of it on a stitchy bug that refuses to stay home and the rest of it on my part time post-retirement job that has become much more than part time lately. I will be glad when Michelle sells the business and I can go back to being just a regular too busy retiree! LOL

And I should be declaring that it's IHSW this weekend, but Joyce is out of the country and has much more important things on her mind this month. Doesn't mean I can't stitch of course, but the blog hopping and looking at everyone else's pretties won't be happening.

So, sorry everyone, it's a bust of a WIP week!


rosey175 said...

Sometimes weeks are like that! Life demands attention too. :D

Kaisievic said...

Never mind, life can be like that sometimes. There is always another day to stitch.