Friday, May 15, 2015

Some of Life's Pleasures

Walking downtown this morning, I passed a lot that is just a large hole in the ground and noticed the business next to it was trying to make the little strip of ground between the hole and the sidewalk much nicer to look at. There are more things at the "green and growing" stage, but these are the first blooms.

It will be interesting to see what else appears over the summer.

I love watching my cats - so different in looks and personalities. Usually they keep their distance from each other, but every now and then they decide they're "best buds".

Got to clean those ears!

And those paws!

Did you hear that?

The landlord is having the house re-roofed and one of the workers had just started an electric tool of some sort.

And Yoda decided that this week it was his turn to investigate the grocery box.

Last week Snowy was the curious one.

We've had some lovely sunny days over the last week and last Saturday there was a beautiful sunset.

Little scraps of joys to brighten my days.


Kate N said...

Flowers, cats and sunsets! Who could ask for more :)

Kaisievic said...

Oh, I so agree with Kate - great post, Bea.

Annie said...

Your furbabies are soo cute!

rosey175 said...

Oh you have a lovely view! And boxes are the ultimate kitty traps. I just move them around the house and they're Brand New Exciting Toys.