Sunday, July 10, 2011

We've had some sunshine for TWO days now. I'm almost afraid to say it alound in case it all goes away. Still not super warm - 14 & 15 but absolutely beautiful.

I'm thinking I'm going to have a non-stitching day and catch up on my reading. I'm only at chapter 6 of Q is for Quarry and it's due back (along with R and S) on Friday.

Shine, Perishing Republic

While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity, heavily thickening to empire,
And protest, only a bubble in the molten mass, pops and sighs out, and the mass hardens,

I sadly smiling remember that the flower fades to make fruit, the fruit rots to make earth.
Out of the mother; and through the spring exultances, ripeness and decadence; and home to the mother.

You making haste haste on decay: not blameworthy; life is good, be it stubbornly long or suddenly
A mortal splendor: meteors are not needed less that mountains: shine, perishing republic.

But for my children, I would have them keep their distance from the thickening center; corruption
Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the monster's feet there are left the moutains.

And boys, be in nothing so moderate as in love of man, a clever servant, insufferable master.
There is the trap that catches noblest spirits, that caught -- they say -- God, when he walked on earth.

Robinson Jeffers
1887 - 1962

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