Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoy whatever celebrations you are planning for tonight. And if you must be on the road, please be very careful.

And for all of you lovely people who drop by my blog, I wish you a healthy, happy, love filled 2013!

Resolutions? I don't usually do that, but last year I made one - I resolved to finish more stitching pieces than I started in 2012 and I did it - by the skin of my teeth! LOL Except for a Bucilla kit I started on Boxing Day, every new chart I started in 2012 got stitch finished. The "ready to use/hang" finishing is still needed for most of them. Plus, I finished 2 WIPs that had been hanging around for a few years. One goal not met was finishing my oldest UFO, but I plan on working on that tonight and hopefully tomorrow I can show what I have accomplished over the year. And it's in my rotation for 2013, so anything can happen! But I've decided to keep the same resolution for this year - finish more than I start so I can see my list of WIPs shrink, even a little.

See you all next year!


Anne said...

Happy New Year to you and Happy Stitching all year through!! :)

Faith... said...

Good for you! Finishing every piece you started, I am sure that is a wonderful feeling.

Hope you have a wonderful 2013 with lots of time for stitching ;)

Kate said...

Happy new Year! Love the ornament and the project :)