Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And So a New Year Starts

Well, I actually managed to stay awake long enough to see 2013 in. Was a quiet evening here, just me, the TV and some munchies.

I don't remember whose blog said something about taking your year's worth of ORTs and putting them into a clear ornament, but I thought it was a great idea. So, I did it.

And here's what my 2012 stitching looked like in the bits and pieces left over. I just need to mark the year on it, because I plan on doing more.

In 2012 I tried to get my Oldest UFO done. I didn't make it, but I did make progress. Here is what it looked like 2 January 2012

and here's what it looks like 1 January 2013.

I think there is hope for this thing yet.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy 2013 Bea, its the start of the new year and its all uphill from here!!!

You made fantastic progress on your oldest WIP I can see you finishing that this year!!!

Wendy said...

what a lovely idea, I never saved up the little bits of leftovers, but now I might, great idea !

Bonnie Brown said...

What a great idea for the ORTS! I actually have some of those I purchased to do something else with.. might have to try :)
Great Progress!