Thursday, April 26, 2012

Made It!

Well, I got through all the blogs. What an incredible range of patterns, colours and finishing techniques. I'm blown away and inspired at the same time.

Only a bit of stitching done - kept calling. But that will be ignored for a while - I've run into a problem and am not sure how to sort it out as I'm back in the 1730's and don't have a lot of places to check for additional info. There seems to be an extra generation and I don't quite see how it fits. Oh well, I'll let it stew in my subconscious and maybe I'll get a blinding flash of insight. LOL

In the meantime, on to the EMS Gladiolus!


chris said...

Well done, I try to visit anyone new who leaves a comment on my blog and then I visit my followers but it takes quite a few evenings and I am always behind!!LOL
Loved your choices of stitching.
Hope you get time to fit in some stitching!

lesli said...

You're good! I'm so bad about getting through them all!!

Either I get through all my favorite blogs or...I have some time to stitch. Stitching usually wins!

I love that oldest UFO piece you posted a bit's soooo beautiful!