Friday, April 6, 2012

5 April 2012

I thought I would show a picture of the finished quilt. According to the ladies who delivered it, pictures just don't do it justice. The block with the writing says "Our family is like a patchwork quilt, with kindness gently sewn. Each piece is an original, with beauty of its own".

I had a wonderful day. I borrowed Denise's vehicle and went to Terrace. The weather was so fantastic - glorious sunshine for the drive there, the whole day in Terrace and the drive home. I actually took my jacket off and left it in the car. Shopped for myself and a couple of friends - Canadian Tire, Super Store, Walmart, Fabricland and had a scrumptuous lunch at Mr. Mike's. Even spent some time just sitting by the Skeena watching the river flow and enjoying the contrast of the blue water and the white snow that is still on the banks. The one thing I forgot to take with me was my camera and I missed some really lovely shots. Coming home took a little longer than planned as there were two road construction sites and between them both I was stopped for more than an hour. Not really such a hardship in the sun. People got out, stretched their legs and we visited up and down the row of vehicles. Sunshine just puts people in a good mood. However, it did mean that I got home much later than planned and that hooped craft night, so we're going to try again either Friday or Saturday night, depending on Cynthia's schedule.

The cats were NOT happy with me. That made 4 days in a row I had gotten up fairly early and left them alone all day. Us humans are just so hard to train!

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