Monday, April 9, 2012

8 April 2012

Mostly a putter about day. Was on the computer, did some stitching, tidied, worked on some crossword puzzles. Then Brian came and picked me up and we headed over to their place for supper. How I managed to find a craft partner who is also an incredible cook I don't know, but Cynthia is truly that. Had a most scrumptuous liver, bacon and onion dinner. I know, not a usual Easter dinner but I savoured every mouthful of that cut-with-a-fork tender meat.

Then we got down to some serious crafting - I stitched of course and Cynthia worked on more dish cloths as she has depleted her stock by sending some off in Easter parcels. And I got an Easter basket!!! I haven't received one of those in at least 15 years, maybe more. Such fun! Some sugar free chocolates, a little stuffed puppy, some oat crackers and 2 silly little ducks that are meant to "hug" planters. I'm going to put one on my cactus and one on my basket garden. It felt so good to know she thought of me. Didn't leave until after 11 - such a lovely evening.

Weather is still gloriously sunny and has warmed up some. I hope this lasts for a while longer.

The cats were not impressed with me leaving them alone again, but all was forgiven by the time I got into bed. They were not about to give up their warm, soft snuggle spots just so they could ignore me.

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