Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday 16 September 2015

Well, my time has mostly spent doing this

but I did manage a couple of very short stitching sessions and got this done.

I'm sure you can tell exactly what it's going to be.

On Sunday I took part in the Paws For A Cause walk for the SPCA and as I was headed for Mariner's Park I past this local keeping an eye on passers by.

And I've had to spend some time snuggling one of my boys who is very confused about what is happening to his home.

And that's been my week.


Vickie said...

What an excellent cause to walk for!
Looks like you are truly on schedule to move. :)

Julie said...

Hope all goes well with your move and you are soon settled nice and comfy in your new home.

Tiffstitch said...

You're doing great with packing and poor kitty. Glad you got some stitching in a Prairie Schooler design? and go you for the walk!

Annie said...

I'm glad you have found a new place to live and I hope your move goes well:) Good on you for taking some time for crafts - it's good to take a break sometimes amidst all the stress and do things that one enjoys. Even if it is only for half an hour...

AnaCristina said...