Monday, July 21, 2014

IHSW For July Is Done

Well, it's been a good stitching weekend. Managed to get some stitches in both my projects, in spite of having to work on Saturday.

This is Project 1 on Friday evening (this one is a truer picture of the fabric colour):

and this is where I left it Sunday night.

And this is Project 2 Friday night:
and this is what it looked like Sunday night.

Now I can't wait to go blog hopping and see what everyone else has done!


Zurainny Ismail said...

Hi Bea, You've made quite a progress - and I'm eager to know the rest of the words for Project 2. :D

cucki said...

Looking so sweet x

Debs said...

Great progress on both projects.

Kaisievic said...

Great progress on both pieces, Bea. Well done!

Brigitte said...

That's some great progress for a weekend of stitching.