Saturday, October 16, 2010

Special Lunch

Well, it was my monthly Breast Cancer Support Group lunch today and what a marvelous group. I've only been going since I got home from my radiation treatments in mid-July, but I enjoy them so much. Knowing you can talk about your fears, concerns. triumphs and everyone understands what you're talking about is wonderful. And there is always so much laughter! Today was no exception, even though there are serious things happening - one member's cancer has returned, another is losing a son to a brain tumour and another is supporting her husband through prostate cancer. Lots of tears and hugs were also the order of the day.

And I blew my eating plan! This is NOT an auspicious start to my program. However, I'll stick to just soup for supper and get back on track. I have some fabulous homemade chicken soup.

Had to pass on a trip to Terrace for the day which was disappointing - would have been nice to do some shopping - but hopefully there'll be time a little later before the weather (and thus the road) gets lousy.

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