Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Help Needed, Please

Okay, for those of you who actually know how to work with blogspot, I need some help. My brain is just not wrapping itself around any of this.

First: I want to start using labels on my posts. I've figured out how to add the labels, not a problem. But, how do you make the list of labels show up on your blog page? On other people's blogs, I really enjoy being able to use the list to follow progress on a project or follow the thread of a discussion, etc.

Second: I have been trying, ever since I joined in, to get the IHSW button to be a permanent part of my blog page. I have figured out how to include it in my post every month, but not how to put it on my page. I obviously need step by step directions.

Please, somebody, take pity on me and bail me out! Thank you in advance.


Kaisievic said...

Hi Bea, You add the IHSW button as a linked picture when you are in layout and you use "add a gadget" I picked up the link from Joysze's blog.

Not sure about the answer to the label question, though. I am sure that other people will help too.

Good luck!

Emma said...

Same Kaisievic said, click the Add Gadget and it will give you choices, you will need the html code one for the IHSW logo and there is one called "Labels" at the near the bottom of the list. Hope this helps :)

Bea said...

Thank you ladies - I got the label list okay, but the IHSW button still eludes me. I keep getting "invalid URL" message and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Some days, I really want to go back to paper and quill!!!! (Okay, I'm not quite that old, but sometimes I do feel like it.)

Bea said...

Well, after my grumble, I got struck by an idea, and it WORKED!! Probably went the long way round to find the short way home, but it's there and it connects to Ramdon Ramblings, so I'm a happy blogger! Thanks again ladies for your help.

Joysze said...

Hi Bea, your Labels and the IHSW gadget looks great. :D

The IHSW is linking directly to my blog right now.

To link it directly to the IHSW page (where there are FAQ and extras), do this in your gadget:

Between the ' ' quotes, replace with


Bea said...

Thanks Joyce. I think it's right now. Thank you for the help.