Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Icky Weather

It's been an interesting day. Denise came to pick me up at 8 a.m. and we headed for Terrace - in rain/hail. It rained all the way to Terrace. In Terrace, a cold wind was added to the mix. It rained all day. It rained all the way home except while we were crossing Rainbow Summit. There it SNOWED and I don't mean just a little dusting. I mean road covered, poor visibility and slippery. Denise's comment was "Thank goodness I hadn't taken off my winter tires yet.". Once we got off the summit, rain all the way home. And it's still raining! Doesn't nature remember that this is the 9th of MAY, not November!!

The purpose behind the trip was optometrist appointments for both of us. Because of my diabetes, I get the full meal deal - pictures of the inner eye, the air puff test, some other machine that I still haven't figured out exactly what it does, then the regular stuff with the doctor, drops, more pictures, more time with the doctor on a different machine. And the result - my eyes have changed so little I don't need to change my lenses and I can go home for another year. And that's what I was hoping for. Denise also got cleared, but for 2 years - she's not diabetic.

Then we went for lunch at Mr. Mike's which is our usual lunch spot when we're in Terrace. Afterwards, we did some shopping - most of it for a friend who wasn't even with us. Wal-Mart, the Super Store, Rona, Canadian Tire and home. Denise is a good friend and great company, so it was a wonderful day in spirte of the weather.

Will be an early night tonight - I'm tired and I'm opening Sisters tomorrow.

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