Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Thursday I picked up some prints I had done for Sara, my little girl in El Salvador. I haven't gotten prints in years, so was curious what the cost would be. Well, the process can't be all that complicated as the 4 cost a vast $1.57, including tax!

Got to the library Friday afternoon and picked up Q, R and S of Sue Grafton's mystery alphabet. That only leaves me 2 to go, although I understand V will be out in the fall. There's a new Stephanie Plum out (#17) so I'll check for that as well.

My stitching is going well - I'll be showing updates starting on Friday. Once a month is going to be about right I think. Of course, any completions will be shown as they are finished.

My Love in Her Attire

My love in her attire doth show her wit,
It doth so well become her:
For every season she hath dressings fit,
For winter, spring, and summer.
No beauty she doth miss,
When all her robes are on;
But Beauty's self she is,
When all her robes are gone.


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