Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I keep talking about my stitching rotation, so I thought I would show you what it is I'm working on. I have a different project for each day of the week.

This one is a patchwork by Catia Dias. It has 12 sections and I'm working on the border just before Section 7, which I will do next. This is my Saturday project.

This is a Sue Coleman design called Wolf. It's my Friday project.

These are two small projects just to make sure I have some completions as I go along to keep my determination up. The top one is a Bucilla kit - Bunny - and the bottom one is one of the freebies that comes with the British magazine The World of Cross Stitch - it's Mickey Mouse. These are my Thursday projects.

Don't have a picture of my Wednesday project right now. I haven't managed to work on it yet, but hopefully today and I'll post in my next blog.

This is a Sue Orton design called O Canada. It's my Tuesday project.

This is from a Cross Your Heart booklet called Moms and Pups and is my Monday project. It's very odd to have that eye looking at me as I stitch.

And this is my last one - Blaine Billman's Spirit of the Sockeye which I work on Sunday. Haven't gotten very far with it yet (working on black is very slow for me), but I think it will be striking when it's done.

I'm going to try and post a new picture every month just so I can see the progress. Only doing one day a week I don't always see what I've accomplished.

And I'm going to have to work out an 8th day as I will be joining (as soon as my supplies get here) a SAL with Evalina and Cindy to stitch a HAED design called Computer Catastrophes. I'm thinking of making it my Thursday project, but we shall see.

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