Monday, March 28, 2011

Figured out how to download photos with my new computer. This one downloads directly from the memory card and it's not difficult, but I obviously did something wrong the first time I tried because nothing ended up on the computer. Oh, well, at least I didn't accidentally delete anything. End result, I can now share the photos of my new cat (or at least he was when I took the picture) Yoda and the unexpected visitor in my front yard one snowy day.

This is Yoda, trying to decide if the thing in my hand makes it okay for him to jump on the table. It didn't, but he had to try!

A wintery snooze.

Part of the harbour in the background.

He really was a gorgeous buck.

This I think was the real attraction - LUNCH!

The Mower to the Glow-Worms

Ye living lamps, by whose dear light The nightingale does sit so late

And studying all the summer night,

Her matchless songs does meditate;

Ye country comets, that portend

No war, nor prince's funeral.

Shining unto no higher end

Than to presage the grasses'fall;

Ye glow-worms, whose officious flame

To wandering mowers shows the way,

That in the night have lost their aim,

And after foolish fires do stray;

Your courteous lights in vain you waste,

Since Juliana here is come,

For she my mind hath so displaced

That I shall never find my home.

Andrew Marvell

1621 - 1678

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