Monday, December 20, 2010

Very nice day yesterday. About 2 Denise and I went out to the Wildlife Refuge ( to visit with Nancy and Gunther. We took them some Christmas goodies and Denise included some treats for the animals as well. Stayed for tea and a good chat. They have less than 100 animals at the moment so they are not as busy as they have been.

Then Michelle and Brian took me out for supper. It's become a Christmas tradition - we go out for a really good meal and we talk about everything EXCEPT Sisters. And last night's meal was one of the best ever - not a flaw in the food and we all left very full and content.

And it was a gorgeous night as well - crisp and clear with a huge moon. I guess there's a full moon for the solstice tomorrow. And apparently there is going to be a lunar eclipse tonight - or more correctly at 2 a.m, However, since I'm opening Sisters at 6 a.m. I will be sleeping through it.

Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes in the Air by Thomas Campion

Thrice toss these oaken ashes in the air;
Thrice sit thou mute in this enchanted chair;
Then thrice three times tie up this true love's knot,
And murmur soft: "She will, or she will not."

Go burn these poisonous weeds in yon blue fire,
These screech-owl's feathers and this prickling briar,
This cypress gathered at a dead man's grave,
That all thy fears and cares an end may have.

Then come, you fairies, dance with me a round;
Melt her hard heart with your melodious sound.
In vain are all the charms I can devise;
She hath an art to break them with her eyes.

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