Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interesting Day

It was my cancer support group lunch today and as usual, a good time was had. We caught up on our members who are still battling or battling again, as well as those who now have family members fighting the disease. There never seems to be an end to it. We planned our December lunch and what we want to do at least for the first part of 2011. There is so much laughter and support!

After lunch I went and checked out our annual craft fair. There were about 80 tables this year, everything from knitting, quilting, carving, jewelry, baking and preserves, soaps, etc. Everything has to be handmade or you aren't allowed to have a table. I wandered around for a couple of hours, admiring and buying. It is the best place to find unique and unusual gifts and this year is no exception.

As well, in our performing arts centre, there was a display of stocking stuffer ideas, mostly from home based businesses and the Lutheran Church was having its Christmas Tea, so there was lots to keep me on the go. Great weather for it as well - cold, but no snow and the sun was out!

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