Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Off My List

Finished another piece of stitching - this is the last of things promised to other people. It's a repeat of the teddy bear I finished at Christmas time and I didn't really enjoy restitching it so soon after the first time, but it turned out just fine even so. I'm fascinated by the difference a change in fabric makes to the look of a picture. This time it also meant I could skip a bit of stitching as I didn't need the blue half stitches to represent the sky - the fabric did that for me. This was a hand dyed piece of Jobelan from Silkweavers that is called Dreamin' and it was a real pleasure to work with. I just hope the little girl that is going to get this picture enjoys it.
Now I get to stitch stuff either for me or things for others that they don't know about so I don't have to push so hard to complete. Much easier on my elbow and wrist.
I'm reading of course - a collection of short stories "The Best of British Mysteries 2005" edited by Maxim Jakubowski.
I'm still waiting for spring. Friday and yesterday the winds howled and the rain pelted down and the temperatures did NOT go up, so it felt more like we had jumped from winter right back into fall. I think spring is lost! LOL
A friend of mine lost her husband to cancer this past week after a long and valient fight and it brings a lot of musings about the shortness of life, the importance of doing what you feel is most important and making sure that the PEOPLE who are the most important in your life KNOW that they are important and loved and thought about.

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