Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WIP Wednesday 30 November 2016 - And Some Bits

It is the last day of November, already! Do you all get the impression that time just goes too fast for me? This post is fairly picture heavy.

I did get in some craft time and Retirement went from here

to here.

I'm very pleased her tools are not hovering in midair any more. Hopefully this week the basket will get a bottom.

The rug went from here

to here sorta. When I put the rug on the freezer (the only thing big enough to spread it out on) for the picture, Snowy immediately hopped off the cat tower and laid down on all the softness.

After several attempts to move him (he can jump back up faster than I can take a picture), I simply waited him out.

The last snowman is done! I have 3 and about 2/3 rows of the blue background and 5 rows of the red and white border to be finished.

I also received an envelope from Rosey who blogs as Ishkabibble with the patterns I had won in a giveaway. This is what I was lucky enough to receive.

My very first Prairie Schooler patterns! Anyone giving odds on the chances they will be stitched by next Christmas??

And you must be careful what you say to friends. My craft partner Cynthia posted on her FB page a notice for a one evening pottery painting workshop. I casually mentioned it looked like an interesting way to spend an evening and the next thing I knew, I was signed up. We had a choice of painting a yarn bowl or a mug and I chose a yarn bowl. Now, please understand, I can't draw on a flat piece of paper, never mind something 3 dimensional, so I just played with colour. It really was a fun evening and this is what I ended up with after the instructor took all the pieces to be glazed and fired.

Definitely not great art but it will be really useful.


Barb said...

It looks like the yarn bowl was fun. Both of your projects are really coming alo0ng. I have that PS chart. You will enjoy stitching the Santas!

Katie said...

Wow you got a lot done on both pieces. Just love the kitty demanding his picture on the pretty new rug you made for him haha. Don't be a bad judge on yourself I think your pottery is fantastic.

Preeti said...

Both projects are progressing so well. Your pottery workshop was fun and the yarn bowl looks artistic ! I would also love to paint if someone can do the baking and glazing tasks for me, sounds lot of work.

Mii Stitch said...

I LOVE pottery!!! I think you have done a fabulous job!!!
I see your mat is definitely turning into a cat magnet :) It looks so soft, I'm not surprised.
Lovely update on the stitching & great new charts you've received from Rosey.

Vickie said...

Oh Bea, you are making super progress! What a fun time you had with the pottery. Now you have something quite useful!

Tiffstitch said...

Woohoo! Almost done the rug. Snowy is hilarious. :) Great work on the cross stitch as well, and lovely win! Plus I so envy your yarn bowl. I need one of those too.

Sheryl said...

What lovely work and progress, looks like your cat thinks the mat is for him. The yarn bowl looks OK, bet you had fun.

Faith... said...

Great progress on both pieces Bea! Looks like the rug will be done in plenty of time for Christmas! The yarn bowl looks fantastic, you did a great job and it will come in handy with that next knitting project! :)

Kaisievic said...

Your yarn bowl looks fabulous - clever girl you - and I think that Snowy wants you to keep that rug for him - lol!

Brigitte said...

This yarn bowl looks gorgeous to me. Great job that you were doing and great result.
Nice progress on your needle projects.

Julie said...

Your yarn bowl looks lovely, a personal gift for yourself with memories of time spent with your friend having fun.
The rug is looking wonderful, definitely a finish in the next post...cant wait.

Mini said...

Great projects on both your projects. I like the yarn bowl.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on the stitching and the rug making.
Your yarn bowl has a certain Primitive charm! And it will be useful too.