Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday 17 August 2016

It's Wednesday again! How does it happen so soon?

I got in some needle time, so I was pleased. I want more of course, but what else is new? Last week the sweater was here

and this week it's here.

I only have 2 more rows until I start shaping the neck, but I took some of my knitting time to turn this

into this.

Makes me feel much better if nothing else.

Santa/elf didn't get a lot of love, but he went from here

to here.

Second arm and hand to come!


Faith... said...

The Santa Elf looks great Bea but I really love that sweater! Some little boy is going to be very happy when he receives that!

Mini said...

The sweater is really growing on me. I want to make one for my nephew now.
Wow you cleaned up the back so well.

Mii Stitch said...

The little elf is slowly coming along but the sweater really keeps coming up trump!!! The front is almost done!!! Really looks great :)

Katie said...

Wow I bet finishing off all those threads on the sweater took a lot of time. It looks a million times better now so great job! I see the progress on your stitching too. Definitely a good week to me.

Vickie said...

The sweater is a real treasure Bea. :D

Tiffstitch said...

That looks fantastic!! And nice work on Santa

D1-D2 said...

I always wondered what the back of a sweater like this would look like. It's looking really good.

rosey175 said...

You'll be so glad when you reach the end that you stopped and did the ends! I can safely say I wish I had a professional end-weaver at my beck and call LOL.

Sheryl S. said...

Beautiful sweater, it´s perfect and the elf is coming along nicely.