Monday, May 23, 2016

I Know It's Really Spring!

Every year for my birthday in the middle of May, my friend Cynthia gives me a container garden for my front steps (at my old address), this year for my balcony. And it's here now and this is what I have.

The long planter has my glads that over wintered well and the square one is ??? Cynthia told me but I had never heard of it before, so the name is gone.

This one will be begonias, colour unknown at this point.

A mix of ?? The gardeners among you will probably know and maybe you can tell me.

More begonias of unknown colour.

Another mix.

More glads and in the centre of the big round pot will be a dahlia.

There are a couple of hanging baskets yet to come. They will be a first for me as I had no place to put them at my old home.

The reason for all this is I don't have a green cell in my body, never mind a whole thumb and Cynthia is green from her finger tips to her toe tips. And since she is also my craft partner, when she visits each week she keeps an eye on everything and makes sure I don't under or over water, checks for bugs, etc. So I get all the beauty with minimal effort. Can you say spoiled?

Oh, and I've hung my first hummingbird feeder. Hopefully I will get some visitors and will be able to share some pictures with you.


Tiffstitch said...

Great pots and so glad you have a good friend to help. I tend to buy plants that don't need attention, because they tend not to get it at my house. I'm hoping DD will like gardening and have a green thumb. :)

Julie said...

A lovely gift to enjoy as the summers months warm up.

Vickie said...

Wow! Cynthia is a SUPER friend! You are going to have lots of beauty.

Kaisievic said...

Can't wait to see them all in bloom and great idea to have help from a friend with a green thumb - my dear friend, Marie, gives me all of my gardening advice.

Faith... said...

How cool to have your own personal gardener! I may need her to come visit me :) Can't wait to see what blooms in those containers.