Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday!

Well, here it is the first Wednesday in February. I managed a little stitching on the Wedding Sampler and more on Pack of Cards.

Sampler Jan 28:

Feb 3 - got the vines done on the capital letters and thought I was done with them - forgot there are beads as well.

Tried to work on the capital letters of the alphabet, but frogged as much as I stitched, so put it aside for a few days.

Pack Cards Jan 28:

Feb 3:

Coming along nicely with the right border. Thank goodness the next set of letters is a colour change - enough red already!

No stitches put in Noah's Ark - hopefully this week.


Katy said...

Great job!

Faith... said...

The Wedding Sampler is looking wonderful!

Anonymous said...