Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Suite Feels So Much Better

Denise and Jason came this morning and loaded up her vehicle and they did a recycle run. It's amazing how big my storeroom looks now that we have all those bags of cans, plastic, cardboard, newsprint, glossy paper and jars out of there. They also took all my old computer parts. And then they came back and loaded up for a run to the dump. My computer room has SPACE!!!! It's wonderful.

Have to open Sisters 3 mornings in a row next week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but then I'm off until the following Tuesday. Annabell has to take her youngest daughter to Children's to have her foot operated on, so Michelle and I are covering the extra shifts. I won't be happy when the alarm goes off, but what can I do? She needs the help and I certainly have the time.

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