Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drat that Cynthia woman! She got me turned on to Ancestry. ca and I was up WAAAAAAY past my bedtime last night (read early this morning) chasing little green leaves. I'm following my maternal grandmonther's family and I'm back to about 1705. It's actually fascinating and could absorb a huge amount of time. This is where I have to be (try to be??) self-disciplined.

I'm still working on my special project square - the main cross stitching is done and I've started back stitching. It's really pretty, but I have done more frogging on this than on anything else I've stitched this year. I think it may be because when I stitch, I think (and worry) about the friend it's being made for. It is such a heartbreaking situation.

And I've just realized that Cynthia's youngest daughter is graduating university THIS spring. I thought I had another year!! So I found a simple - or as simple as Stoney Creek gets - pattern that I should be able to finish in time if I concentrate on it. I need more arms - and the ability to function on no sleep for about 3 months.

Time to get off the computer and on to stitching!

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