Monday, November 21, 2011

Well, all that snow is just the odd patch - the temperature and the wind speed both increased so we're back to wet and windy Prince Rupert. Feeling very tired at the moment, which is odd as I've slept quite well the last couple of nights.

On the Countess Dowager of Pembroke

Underneath this sable hearse
Lies the subject of all verse:
Sidney's sister, Pembroke's mother:
Death, ere thou has slain another,
Fair and learned and good as she,
Time shall throw a dart at thee.

Marble piles let no man raise
To her name: for after days
Some kind woman born as she,
Reading this, like Niobe,
Shall turn marble, and become
Both her mourner and her tomb.

William Browne
c1590 - 1645

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