Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Supposed to be having another wisdom tooth extracted today, but the dentist's office has called and there has been an emergency, so I have to call back around 3 and see what's what. If things are going well, they will fit me in about 4, if not, will have to rebook at another date. I'm not sure which is worse - the waiting or the actual extraction.

"After great pain, a formal feeling comes"

After great pain, a formal feeling comes --
The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs --
The stiff Heart questions was it He, that bore,
And Yesterday, or Centuries before?

The Feet, mechanical, go round --
Of Ground, or Air, or Ought --
A Wooden way
Regardless grown.
A Quartz contentment, like a stone --

This is the Hour of Lead --
Remembered, if outlived,
As Freezing persons, recollect the Snow --
First--Chill--then Stupor--then the letting go --

Emily Dickinson
1830 - 1886

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