Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sore Fingers!

Well, I pulled a two day stitching marathon and finished the bookmarks I was working on. Gave one away this morning and the recipient was delighted with it. Gunvor is an avid reader of romances, so the roses were the perfect thing for her.

The other friend I want to surprise is a reader of mysteries and I found two designs that I liked and couldn't choose between them, so I stitched them both and I'll let her choose the one she likes the best.

And I'm just going to read for a couple of days until my fingers and wrist don't ache quite so much, then I have to get busy on an Easter cross stitch for an exchange. It needs to be ready to mail on the 14th of March, so I don't want to wait - or it'll be another marathon as the time runs out!

Plus I have to keep working on a square for a quilt. I belong to an egroup of Canadian cross stitchers and one of our members passed away late last year so a group of us are each stitching a square in her memory and the squares will be made into a quilt and sent to her husband.

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