Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Definitely Winter

Well, winter has settled in for a long stay it seems. Several days in a row of snow and now it's been below zero for several nights. It warms up just enough every day to soften things, then freezes at night, so driving is bad and walking is worse! I live on a bluff so there is no front access to my house - you have to come in via a back alley that is STEEP. I love the view and the quiet but in winter I find getting access rather daunting at times like this. Thanks goodness we don't usually have a lot of this weather, but this winter has been bad.However, I really shouldn't moan. The coldest we've been is -12 C and in some parts of the prairies they're getting -52 C because of the wind chill.

It's been good weather for reading (I'm revisiting 1930's London with Lord Peter Wimsey at the moment) and for stitching. Just have to finish attaching some beads and I should have another ornament front finished soon.

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