Sunday, October 21, 2007

Indoor Weather

It's definitely a day for staying in and looking at the weather. It's blowing between 70 and 90 km/hr (up to about 60 mph) and the harbour is a mass of whitecaps, water whirls and walls of spray. It's wonderful to look at, but most of the boats out there are having a bad time of it. Watched a smallish boat try to come out of Dodge Cove and after about 10 minutes just turned around and went back in. Tasha is on her front window perch growling at the leaves as they whirl by and hissing every time the rain hits the window. She's going to be very worn out by the end of the day - there's something up to 150 mm predicted for today (about 6"). Definitely a good day for reading or stitching. I've just finished the fronts for a couple of ornaments and working on the next one.

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